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  • Reference Videos & Education Tracks

    Use the education tracks will guide you through the content. Watch the YouTube videos to better understand concepts. Compliment those concepts with Flash Card facts. Then put that informatino into processes through the Reference Videos.

  • Case Reports & Examination Logs

    Join the community by starting conversations about cases you have either struggled with or cases that highlight success patients. Help others and share your knowledge by commenting on other's cases. Always log your patients to have a snapshot at what you treat in your specific setting.

  • Outcomes & Patient Statistics

    Simple outcome tracking. By logging initial eval data, and discharge data you can have a quick look at how your average changes in patient cases compare to the rest of the site! No one sees your progress but yourself. Break this information down in multiple ways to hone in on what needs to be worked on.

  • Gamification & Habit Formation

    The hardest part of learning is making time to learn! Make it fun, gamify and develop strong habits within physionexus. Help others and level, enter patients and gain more experience. Unlock achievements and show those to your community.


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